About PipeCom

The PipeCom team is made of highly trained experts with strong technical knowledge of key pipeline applications and operations to help you save time and costs while reducing health and safety issues.


We enable you to scale your people as needed with a highly skilled work force.


Stop settling for 60% – we deliver 100% on all your requirements.

Past Projects

We have a track record of success.


At PipeCom, we specialize in seamlessly integrating SCADA and industrial automation services, connecting control centers to fields, and encompassing pipeline operations, construction, and commissioning. Leveraging proven expertise in IT, SCADA, Leak Detection Systems, and field operations, we deliver comprehensive solutions. Our commitment is to empower Upstream and Midstream industries, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of assets. Bridging the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) and Operations, we provide integrated services that drive efficiency and success across the entire spectrum of industrial automation


We want be the premier provider of turn-key SCADA and industrial automation integration services, recognized for our innovation, reliability, and commitment to creating safe and efficient operational environments. We envision a future where PipeCom sets the standard for excellence in seamlessly connecting control centers to fields, inclusive of pipeline operations, construction, and commissioning.

Highly experienced team of industry experts


Project Managers

Identifies scope, budget and timelines. Plans and schedules resources, develops checklists and test cases. 


Solutions Architects

Directs the design and execution of projects to ensure technical decisions align with business outcomes.


Operator Qualified SCADA Engineers

Highly experienced on-shore & near-shore SCADA engineers with a thorough understanding of industry software and live operations. 


Field Commissioning Engineers & Technicians

Provide field assistance to support completion of commissioning and resolve any field issues that may arise.



“PipeCom’s efficiency and process has helped our company become more lean saving us a lot of money.”

John Smith – O&G CEO