Weatherford CygNet

We are your CygNet midstream provider in Canada & the US.

At PipeCom, we pride ourselves on being the only preferred midstream Weatherford CygNet SCADA service provider in Canada. Leveraging years of extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, we specialize in offering comprehensive SCADA solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, and scalability for your operations. Our suite of services encompasses consulting, bespoke design, seamless implementation, integration, intuitive HMI development, advanced data analysis, and unwavering ongoing support and maintenance—all centered around the powerful capabilities of Weatherford’s CygNet SCADA platform.

Tailored CygNet SCADA Solutions

Our approach is grounded in understanding your unique operational needs and challenges. From there, we craft tailored CygNet SCADA solutions that not only meet your requirements but also anticipate future demands. Whether you’re looking to deploy a new CygNet system, aiming to enhance your existing setup, or seeking to unlock the full potential of your data through sophisticated analysis, our team is equipped with the expertise and tools to make it happen.

Seamless Implementation and Integration

Our rigorous implementation and integration processes ensure that your transition to or upgrade of Weatherford CygNet SCADA is smooth and disruption-free. We focus on creating intuitive HMI interfaces that empower operators with clear, actionable insights, enabling quicker decision-making and heightened operational control.


Our comprehensive HMI services on CygNet SCADA ensure that operators receive critical information in real time, enabling faster decision-making and increased system reliability. By prioritizing user experience and operational efficiency, we create HMI solutions that not only meet the high standards of today’s industrial environments but are also scalable for the future. Whether you’re looking to develop a new system from the ground up or seeking to upgrade your existing HMI to leverage the latest in CygNet technology, our team of experts is equipped to deliver solutions that enhance usability, improve operational insights, and drive productivity.

Advanced Data Analysis

In the era of data-driven decision-making, our services extend beyond mere implementation. We harness the power of CygNet to provide you with detailed, actionable insights from your data. Our advanced analysis techniques reveal opportunities for optimization, productivity enhancement, and risk mitigation, thus steering your operations toward maximum efficiency and profitability.

Ongoing Support and World-Class Maintenance

At PipeCome, our relationship with our clients doesn’t end with project completion. We offer comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your CygNet SCADA system operates flawlessly and evolves in alignment with your growing business needs. Our Colombian support center, one of the largest CygNet support centers in the world, stands ready to assist you at any time, facilitating real-time collaboration without time zone delays.

Why Choose PipeCom?

  •  Cost-Effective Solutions: Our Colombia-based workforce enables us to offer high-quality CygNet SCADA services at a competitive price point, providing exceptional value for your investment.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Being in the same time zone enhances our ability to collaborate and communicate with you in real time, ensuring swift and effective problem-solving and project progress.
  • Global Expertise, Local Support: Our Colombian support center is not just one of the largest in the world—it’s a beacon of CygNet SCADA expertise, offering unparalleled support to ensure your operations remain future-proof and scalable.

Other Technologies


PipeCom is a leading AVEVA Registered System Integrator. We are a SCADA service provider committed to enhancing the operational efficiency and reliability of your industrial processes.


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